This year was a wonderfully big year for some of my dearest friends – well, family. But friends. Loved ones? Whatever you want to call them, I love them. These beautiful ladies are my cousins, and we’ve stayed pretty close throughout the years, despite not living near each other, and all of us having insanely ridiculous work/family/school schedules. My cousins have had an eventful year, and I am BEYOND thrilled to be able to be their official (ok, unofficial) event photographer, and have spent more time than usual (YAY!) with them this year. One of those big events that happened earlier this year is that we got news that both of them were pregnant! Not only were they pregnant at the same time, they were due a week apart – no planning on their part!

Back in March, I headed up to Reading to meet up with them for some maternity photos. We were thinking of doing something outside – you know, sunset, fields, pretty. And then March greeted us with 20 degree temperatures and freezing rain. So we made other plans. Below are some of my favorites from their maternity photos – make sure you scroll to the end, because I have a GOOD ending to this day down there. Promise.

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When we did these photos, the girls were about 35 weeks along. So of course during our session, there were plenty of “I don’t want to cause you to go into labor!” “Don’t do that, I don’t want your water to break!” “Can you lie down on your back? Don’t do it if it’s too much!” comments made. We were careful with both of them, but paid slightly more attention to Sara’s well-being and comfort. When we all left that afternoon, the girls felt fine. Kerri was heading out for evening plans, Sara was on the couch, and I went home.

Next morning, I wake up to a text sent by Kerri in the middle of the night, that HER WATER BROKE. She & her husband don’t live around here, they live in VT 3 hours away (doctor cleared her trip beforehand!). So they raced home in the middle of the night, and checked in at her hospital. And we received news of their new arrival later that day! Isn’t that crazy?? (And yes, I’m making you wait until the newborn photos to reveal both babies’ genders!) Here we are, making sure not to move Sara around too much, keep her resting and that baby inside, and Kerri’s baby up and jumps the gun and arrives 4 weeks early. The baby is and was completely healthy and amazing and wonderful – you’ll get to meet him or her soon. :)

Mark and Pam were married out in Western MA last fall. As many of you know, I grew up out there, so when Pam contacted me in 2012, I leapt at the chance to photograph another wedding in the beautiful Berkshires. They were having a lovely ceremony at a church in downtown Stockbridge (yes, that Stockbridge made famous by James Taylor’s song, “Sweet Baby James” – a hometown favorite), and their reception was going to be at Tanglewood. I also grew up going to see James Taylor at Tanglewood, so you can see how this is all coming together, and can imagine my excitement. But this isn’t about me!

I met Pam at her mother’s summer home in Stockbridge for some getting ready photos, while – yes, you guessed it! Sarah headed over to photograph the guys getting ready.
Berkshires wedding photographer MeganJane PhotographyBerkshires wedding photographer MeganJane PhotographyBerksire County wedding photographers, MeganJane PhotographyMA wedding photographer, MeganJane Photographypam&mark_05bpam&mark_06bMeganJane Photography, MA wedding photographersMeganJane Photography weddingsMeganJane Photography weddingsMeganJane Photography, New England wedding photographersMeganJane Photography, MA wedding photographersMeganJane Photography, western MA wedding photographersMeganJane Photography, Stockbridge wedding photographersMeganJane Photography, Berkshires wedding photographersMeganJane Photography weddingsThen it was on to Tanglewood for some photos of the two of them. Pam & Mark were so gracious to allow for plenty of time for their photos, and we were able to use many of the amazing backdrops at Tanglewood. I love when we have lots of portrait time! It not only gives me time to be creative and give my couples plenty of variety, it also lets the bride and groom have a little break during a hectic day, and just spend time together.
Tanglewood, MeganJane Photography
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Tanglewood wedding photographer, MeganJane Photography
Tanglewood wedding photos, MeganJane PhotographyThe cocktail hour was held outside the Visitor’s Center at Tanglewood, and the reception itself was held inside of the BSO practice shed, which was incredibly cool. (And had amazing acoustics too!)
MeganJane Photography Tanglewood wedding
Mark made all of these signs for the reception area – aren’t they perfect? They were such a great touch for the gorgeous grounds of Tanglewood – as was this giant Jenga game he made too!
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The toasts given at Mark & Pam’s wedding are among some of my most favorite ever. They were touching, poignant, hilarious, and personal. LOVE. I’ve never shown this many toast photos before, but I couldn’t help myself here.
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Pam & Mark, thank you both so much for allowing me to be there to capture such a wonderful day in your lives. I”m so glad to have met you both!