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As much as I can say I don’t like change, I get so inspired when I get to switch things up a little when working. Usually, I’m outside, and very often with little kids and their parents. Which I absolutely love! I also love getting to do new things, or refresh dusty skills I haven’t used in a while. Last week, I took on something a little different: a sports bar grand opening.

My destination? Surly Johnson Sports Bar & Grill, in Raynham, MA.

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The owners were holding a private party for their friends to celebrate the opening of the bar, and wanted to make sure they had pictures to commemorate it.

Christian Fauria is one of said owners, some of you may remember him from his days playing tight end for the Patriots. I’d done another event he attended, a couple of years ago, and it was through the same mutual friend that I ended up here at the Grand Opening.

201002_Surlys_041WebSharpwm(Christian mixing drinks behind the bar)

These guys are a lot of fun, and I had a blast. The bar was super crowded, so it definitely was interesting maneuvering around, but the good old college days came flying back to me, and I was slipping past people before they even realized it. 😉

201002_Surlys_009.2WebSharpwm(Patriots’ Offensive Lineman Dan Koppen and Christian Fauria)

201002_Surlys_025WebSharpbwwm(Patriots’ Linebacker Jerod Mayo)

201002_Surlys_029WebSharpwm(Mark (one of the owners), Heidi Watney from NESN, & Christian Fauria)

…ok, ok, a “real” one, as requested. 😉


201002_Surlys_026WebSharpbwwm(Dan Koppen with boxer Micky Ward)

201002_Surlys_048WebSharpbwwm(Micky Ward, retired Patriots’ quarterback Doug Flutie, Dan Koppen, Christian Fauria, Heidi Watney, Jerod Mayo, and retired Patriots’ linebacker Ted Johnson)

If anyone lives in the Raynham area, or you’re driving through, you should definitely stop by Surly Johnson’s! The food looked awesome, and the atmosphere was so fun. I know we’ll be back.