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Any of you who live near us in New England can attest to the long, LONG winter we’ve just had. Freezing temps, crazy amounts of snow, endless bleak, gray days. We tried to break up our winter with a trip to Florida in early February (I’ll blog that soon also!), but by mid-March, winter depression had set in. We were all stir-crazy and cooped up. Everything available for us to do was “BORING!”, in the words of my 5 year old daughter. We were all craving some warmer weather and fresh air, with none in sight. What to do?

My sister and I came up with a plan. Between the two of us, we have 4 girls (not to leave out my son, who is happy as long as he’s fed and has trucks to play with). The three older girls (5, 5 and 3) all had fancy, frilly white dresses that you KNOW we don’t normally allow into their dress-up bins. The girls LOVE these dresses. So one freezing cold weekend morning in March, Lila & I went over to my sister’s house, and let the girls dress up in their white dresses, and run around their master bedroom, shrieking singing along to the Frozen soundtrack…their other obsession. And I decided to photograph it. Below are just a few from that morning – I wanted to share these with all of you, because I would love doing this for any of my clients too! Our sessions can be anything you want them to be. Frilly dresses, superhero costumes, bubble baths, an art session – whatever your children love doing. I love looking back on these memories of our kids, and would love the chance to give the same to my clients!

Boston children's photographerBoston MA children's photographerAshland MA children's photographereastern MA children's photographerHopkinton MA child photographerMetro West MA children's photographerAshland MA child photographersWeston MA children's photographerwhitedresses2eastern MA child photographerswhite dresses3Boston children's photographersAnd just a couple of the younger two in their next outfit change, before I packed up my gear.
eastern MA children's photographers whitedresses4

I wasn’t sure I was going to blog anything about this, but I can’t stop thinking about it, so I have decided to put it out there.

Most of you  know what happened yesterday in Boston. In my city. The Boston Marathon is the heart of our city. Patriots Day is the most anticipated holiday of the year for many of us. We’ve been at the Finish Line, we’ve gone to the Red Sox game and cheered the runners on at Mile 25 afterwards, we’ve stood on Heartbreak Hill and yelled words of encouragement. We revel in this day as a community. People from all over the world, of all abilities, come to Boston for this weekend. It’s crowded, chaotic, and captivating. If you’ve read my blog here for any length of time, you know this is my favorite day of the year.

Boston Marathon 2013 MeganJane Photography

Yes, I may live a little bit west of Boston now, but I lived there for six years after college. My extended family is from all around Boston. My husband’s family is from all around Boston. I’ve lived there, worked there, played there. Boston is an extension of my suburban life: we go “into town” for dinner, to see Red Sox games, concerts, meet friends. I do photo sessions there. We have family & friends who live there. We also had friends running in the Marathon yesterday. (They are all safe, thankfully.)

Boston Marathon 2013 MeganJane Photography

When we moved out of Boston to buy a house, we ended up choosing one that was on the Marathon route, near the starting line. It’s become a tradition for us to have our local friends and all of their kids over, and go out to cheer for the runners. The kids were babies when we first started this, and now think nothing is more fun than getting high fives from the runners (and getting to eat non-stop snacks while we’re out there). Yesterday was no different. We packed up six strollers, headed to the course, and set up camp. We watched as the police cars, motorcycles and pace trucks drove by, announcing each new wave of the Marathon. We cheered wildly for the runners, for Rick & Dick Hoyt, for our amazing friends who were running, and for the Easter bunny, Tinkerbell, and Iron Man. Each wave brought tears of pride, joy, inspiration. Then we packed up and went home, so everyone (adults included) could take naps. Another typical Marathon Monday, in the books.

Boston Marathon 2013 MeganJane Photography

Or not.

I saw it on Twitter first. Turned on the news in horror, and just as quickly shut it off, as Lila was asking what was wrong. I put Doc McStuffins on the tv, and became glued to my phone and computer. Refresh wasn’t working fast enough. As I watched the events unfold, read every bit of news as quickly as I could, and said countless prayers, I was overcome with a sick feeling. It was all going to change now. How DARE these people, whoever they are, take this day from us. THIS DAY.

Boston Marathon 2013 MeganJane Photography

But then I realized. They can’t. They won’t. Boston’s a tough town, full of resilient and kind people. Our first responders are nothing short of incredible. Even those not in uniform were running in to help. You’ve seen the stories on tv of how quickly people jumped into action, without thinking twice. People offering their homes to strangers, restaurants opening their doors and not expecting to be paid.

We will grieve and pray for everyone affected by yesterday’s events. We will support them the best we know how. We will help, however we can. There will be vigils to honor those lost. Runners will organize charity runs. People will re-run the course on their own, all the way to the finish line. Boylston Street will re-open.  And then? I bet you Marathon participation next year is at an all-time high. You don’t mess with Boston.

This. This is the Marathon. This is how you need to see it. Not what the news has been showing for the past 36 hours. That part needs to be remembered, those lost and hurt need to be honored. I want to do that by not letting “them” win. By cheering on the runners again next year. Our friends coming over. My kids getting high-fives.

This is the Boston Marathon.

Boston Marathon 2013 MeganJane PhotographyBoston Marathon 2013 MeganJane PhotographyBoston Marathon 2013 MeganJane PhotographyBoston Marathon 2013 MeganJane PhotographyBoston Marathon 2013 MeganJane PhotographyBoston Marathon 2013 MeganJane PhotographyBoston Marathon 2013 MeganJane PhotographyBoston Marathon 2013 MeganJane PhotographyBoston Marathon 2013 MeganJane PhotographyBoston Marathon 2013 MeganJane PhotographyBoston Marathon 2013 MeganJane PhotographyBoston Marathon 2013 MeganJane PhotographyBoston Marathon 2013 MeganJane PhotographyBoston Marathon 2013 MeganJane Photography